Virginia Small Business LoansRSS

Find revolving loans and local incentives to grow Virginia small businesses through economic development agencies, non-profits and City & State programs.  Just a few examples of the Virginia small business loan programs on this site include:


Local Sources

  • The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority's Economic Development Loan Fund is designed to fill the financing gap between private debt financing and private equity.
  • The Virginia Tobacco Commission Southside Capital Access Program (TCAP) provides access to capital for new and existing Virginia businesses located in the Southside Tobacco Region by encouraging banks to make loans that they would otherwise not make due to a borrower's risk profile.
  • The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority's Child Care Financing Program is designed to assist Virginia child care providers in obtaining financing for fixed asset needs.
  • Entrepreneur Training and Microenterprise Loan Programs are offered through Business Seed Capital, Inc.
  • The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority's Loan Guaranty Program is designed to help Virginia's small businesses obtain the funds to start, enhance, or expand their operations and thereby create new jobs for citizens of the Commonwealth. 
  • The Lake Country Development Corporation funds investments that are for the establishment of new industries, assistance for existing locally-based industries, innovative and job- creating economic uses and activities, and to fill a gap in the existing local financial market in the Virginia counties of Brunswick, Halifax and Mecklenburg.
  • The main objective for the Microenterprise Loan Fund is to assist in providing financing to low-income, women, and minorities who have a solid business idea, but are not able to obtain financing through traditional avenues.

Federal Sources The Small Business Administration (SBA) and USDA Rural Development also provide loan guarantee programs for Virginia entrepreneurs who need additional assistance in qualifying for bank financing.