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The CPCDC differentiates itself in four distinct ways that that of its conventional banking counterparts. It utilizes a more lenient credit analysis, in many cases requires less upfront capital from business owners and can allow a longer amortization period creating more flexible repayment terms. Most importantly, the CPCDC helps provide the technical assistance necessary to develop the skills needed to keep a business soluble and profitable.

The CPCDC provides funding for the following business purposes:
- Commercial real estate acquisition
- Commercial real estate refurbishment
- Equipment
- Inventory
- Supplies
- Working capital

The CPCDC prides itself in nurturing business of all sizes with loans in its portfolio as small as $5,000. On the other end of the spectrum, the CPCDC can independently offer loan funding up to $300,000. Credit requests in excess of $300,000 may be facilitated by the CPCDC, but will require participation from other financial entities.

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