California Small Business LoansRSS

There are several small business loan programs from SBA, USDA, EDA, etc offered through the State, Counties, Cities, Economic Development Agencies and non profit groups to create jobs and grow California communities.  Just a few examples of the California small business loan programs on our site include:

Economic Development Agencies

  • SAFE-BIDCO offers economic development loans to small businesses in the 46 northernmost California Counties.
  • The California Economic Development Lending Initiative provides capital to growing businesses that do not quality for conventional bank financing.
  • The California Loan Guarantee Program helps small businesses obtain a line of credit when it cannot quality for a loan.
  • PCR Small Business Development offers a number of small business loan programs for California businesses.
  • The Redwood Region Economic Devt Commission can finance up to 90% of the overall project cost for business expansions in Humboldt County California.
  • The SoCal Reinvestment CDFI provides financing for small businesses that don't qualify for SBA or conventional bank loans.  
  • The CDC Small Business Finance Corporation offers an SBA micro loan program for California businesses. 
  • TMC Working Solutions offers a small business revolving loan fund for entrepreneurs in selected cities and counties in California. 

Non Profits

  • The Opportunity Fund helps small businesses grow and maintain their businesses throughout California.
  • Women's Economic Ventures provides a small business loan fund for women owned businesses in California.
  • The California Native Entrepreneurs Opportunity Fund provides business funding to promote financial independence for Native American families.
  • The South County Economic Devt Council has a small business lending program with loans up to $50,000. 

State Sources

  • The California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency offers a loan guarantee program to encourage banks to make small business loans. 

Federal Sources

  • The Small Business Administration (SBA) and USDA Rural Development (USDA) also provide loan guarantee programs for California entrepreneurs who need additional assistance in qualifying for bank financing.